Steve and Debs Sudworth

Steve leads our team of elders; He’s passionate about following Jesus closely and seeing others delight in the presence and goodness of God.

Debs’ joy is to be a part of people’s lives—sharing the great love and delight that God has for them.

Anthem Church is home...it’s our family.



Aiden leads the worship team at Anthem Church; his passion is to see God glorified in every way and for the name of Jesus to be praised.

Elouise oversees media and design, coordinating creative individuals and elements that display the creative goodness of God.

Our desire is to see people encounter the love of God, wherever they are, and to experience the fullest expression of life found only in Jesus.


Mat and Sheetal Philip

Mat is passionate about helping people step into the freedom Jesus brings for all of us— seeing the transformation Jesus brings from hurt to wholeness, and from fringe to running into abundant life in Him.

Sheetal leads the Chosen Women’s Ministry and is passionate to see women set free from the things that hold them back—helping them run into the unique destiny God has for them.

We love to see a blurring of the lines between sacred and secular…seeing God’s presence impact all spheres of influence.


PHeak and Michelle ITH

Pheak has a heart for those who go unnoticed in the shadows of our day-to-day life.

Michelle is passionate for God’s people—to love them as He does, to stand in the gap for them, to cry when they cry, to fight for them, and to pray for them.

We desire to serve God first and foremost, but just as importantly to serve people in a way that shows them God uniquely loves them.